Ear Piercing

Elite hair and beauty are licenced to carry out Ear piercing on the premises. If you are under the age of 18 years old it is salon policy to bring a parent with you to the salon to sign the consent forms.

The procedure is carried out using an ear-piercing gun and one ear lobe is pierced at a time.We have a selection of studs for you to choose from, the studs range from gold to silver and some studs have coloured stones. Titanium studs are used if you have an allergy or for sensitive skin types.
The procedure takes about 10 minutes the piercing technician will cleanse the ear lobes with a sterile wipe and wait for the lobes to dry, then each ear lobe is marked with an ear-piercing pen.The technician will place the earrings and the back of the earrings into the gun this is done without touching any part of the stud or the back clasp and in doing so is safe and hygienic. The gun is then placed to the ear and the piercing then takes place. After care advise and instructions are then given to you by the technician along with an after care solution for you to use at home, the solution is applied to the lobes three times a day for six to eight weeks.

The charge for this service is £17.50